Welcome to Scidb

Scidb ("Scidb is a Chess Information Data Base") is a chess database application for Linux/Unix and Windows. Scidb is inspired by Scid ("Shane's Chess Information Database"), but it is a completely new development.

The principal features of this chess database application:

  • Support of various chess variants:
  • Support of Chess 960  and Shuffle Chess 
  • Support of various database and archive formats:
    Scidb: .sci, .scv
    Scid: .si3, .si4
    ChessBase: .cbh, .cbf (read-only)
    .cbv, .cbz (read-only, in preparation)
    C/CIF: .cif, .ccif
    PGN: .pgn, .pgn.gz, .zip
  • News

    Revision 1475 has been released. There are no major novelties, a new revision was required because of compilation problems, and fix of severe bugs. A few minor novelties:

    • Update of Sjeng (Chess Engine).
    • Update of Stockfish, now "King of the Hill" will be supported.
    • Fivefold move repetition will be recognized according to new FIDE rules.
    Older News

    Important innovations, currently in development:

    • Accelerated position search for opening positions. This algorithm is very time-consuming in development, since about two years in work (it requires to solve a problem of exponential time complexity).

    • As a by-product of the accelerated position search a new tab for opening classification will exist, with presumably more than 80,000 opening positions, more than 3,500 will be named.

    • New format for chess information interchange. This format will provide the interchange of chess games, or even chess databases, between different applications. The old PGN format is in general not intented for this, because this format was developed for the interchange of chess games between chess engines, interchanging chess databases would cause garbling of data (in general). See C/CIF  if you want to know more about this format, but this page is still under construction, some pages are not yet finished.

    • CQL-S based search functions for position search, pattern search, move sequence search, and header search.

    • New player data base, with online update. It is planned to provide monthly updates.

    • Links inside games to other games in a database.

    To be informed perodically about Scidb you may subscribe the blog on Tumblr , but an user account is required.