The fourth public preview version is ready for download:

  • Ubuntu/Debian/Mint

    32 bit: scidb-beta_1.0-r960_i386.deb 
    This package is built under Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS (with checkinstall).
    Installation: sudo dpkg -i scidb-beta_1.0-r960_i386.deb
    Deinstallation: sudo dpkg --purge scidb-beta

    64 bit: scidb-beta_1.0-r960_amd64.deb 
    This package is built under Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64 bit (with checkinstall).
    Installation: sudo dpkg -i scidb-beta_1.0-r960_amd64.deb
    Deinstallation: sudo dpkg --purge scidb-beta

  • RPM

    32 bit: scidb-beta-1.0-r960.i386.rpm 
    This package is built under Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS (with checkinstall), so far†no experience exists whether it is working under Red Hat, Fedora, or openSUSE. If not, please use the source code.
    Installation: rpm -Uvh scidb-beta-1.0-r960.i386.rpm
    Deinstallation: rpm -e scidb-beta_1.0-r960

    64 bit: scidb-beta-1.0-r960.x86_64.rpm 
    This package is built under Fedora 19 64 bit (with checkinstall).
    Installation: rpm -Uvh scidb-beta-1.0-r960.x86_64.rpm
    Deinstallation: rpm -e scidb-beta_1.0-r960

  • Slackware

    32 bit: scidb-beta-1.0-i386-r960-slackware.tgz 
    This package is built under Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS (with checkinstall), so far†no experience exists whether it is working on Slackware. If not, please use the source code.
    Installation: installpkg scidb-beta-1.0-i386-r960-slackware.tgz
    Deinstallation: removepkg scidb-beta-1.0-i386-r960-slackware

    64 bit: scidb-beta-1.0-x86_64-r960-slackware.tgz 
    This package is built under Slackware 14 64bit (with checkinstall).
    Installation: installpkg scidb-beta-1.0-x86_64-r960-slackware.tgz
    Deinstallation: removepkg scidb-beta-1.0-x86_64-r960-slackware

  • Arch Linux

    Arch Linux is already providing the package scidb-svn, compiled from version r945.
    Installation: pacman -S scidb-svn
    Deinstallation: pacman -Rs scidb-svn
    Unluckely the Arch Linux team has not used a very stable version, hence it is recommended to do an installation from source code (see below).

  • Manjaro

    Installation from sources can be done fully via PAMAC GUI without any sweat.

  • Source code

    scidb-beta-code-r960.tar.gz 
    For all Linux/Unix operating systems, but the installation process is not yet tested under all systems. Please see below how the installation will be done.

All packages will be installed in /usr/local (to be conform with previous versions). These packages are for Linux/Unix systems only. The Windows version will be released later. Currently volunteers for Mac OS X porting are wanted (see ).

After an successful installation scidb-beta is executable.

In case of errors in the installation descriptions, please report to

Please consider the specific problems under Ubuntu editions as of version 11.10 (see Release history).

Thanks to Josť Carlos Martins for his valuable support.

Installation from source code

For a successful compilation the following packages are necessary: (Under older distributions some of them are not available, in this case the missing packages are not needed.)

  • Ubuntu/Debian/Mint
      > sudo apt-get install libexpat1-dev libfontconfig1-dev libfreetype6-dev libxft-dev libxcursor-dev tcl8.5 tcl8.5-dev tk8.5 tk8.5-dev zlib1g-dev

  • Red Hat/Fedora/openSUSE
      > yum install expat-devel fontconfig-devel freetype-devel glibc-devel glibc-headers libICE-devel libSM-devel libstdc++-devel libX11-devel libXcursor-devel libXft-devel tcl tcl-devel tk tk-devel zlib-devel

  • Arch Linux
      > pacman -S libsm libxcursor minizip tcl tk

Furthermore the following packages are recommended, though not strictly necessary:

  • Ubuntu/Debian/Mint
      > sudo apt-get install libudev-dev libgdbm-dev libzzip-dev

  • Red Hat/Fedora/openSUSE
      > yum install udev-devel gdbm-devel zziplib-devel

  • Arch Linux
      > pacman -S gdbm zziplib

In order that the desktop associations will be built, also the following packages should be installed (not absolutely necessary, but recommended if KDE, GNOME, or Xfce is used):

  • Ubuntu/Debian/Mint
      > sudo apt-get install desktop-file-utils hicolor-icon-theme shared-mime-info xdg-utils

  • Red Hat/Fedora/openSUSE
      > yum install desktop-file-utils hicolor-icon-theme shared-mime-info xdg-utils

  • Arch Linux
      > pacman -S desktop-file-utils hicolor-icon-theme shared-mime-info xdg-utils

Build Scidb as usual:

  > tar -xzf scidb-beta-code-r960.tar.gz
  > cd scidb-beta-code-r960
  > ./configure
  > make
  > sudo make install

In case of problems please consult file INSTALL.

Deinstallation can be done as follows:

  > cd scidb-beta-code-r960
  > sudo make uninstall