Chess games

The most games are available in PGN Format . This format can be viewed or imported in Scidb.

Mark Crowther's The Week in Chess  is providing daily chess news and games. Furthermore this site provides chess archives  with high quality.

The site Now In Chess  by Gerardo Fernandez is tracking games of high quality not contained in TWIC archives. But it seems that this page is abondened.

FICS  is providing a huge archive with Internet games of different variants: Normal chess, Chess 960 (wild/fr), Giveaway Chess (wild/26), Losers Chess (wild/17), Three-check Chess (wild/25), Bughouse (wild/24), and Crazyhouse (wild/23).

"PGN Mentor" provides PGN archives of individual players  and different tournaments . provides an opening explorer and allows to search for games in the database.

Chess engines

Many chess engines are available. A good listing is provided by CCRL 40/40 , which allows an overview over the strength of the engines.

Of particular significance are:

  • Stockfish : This engine is pre-installed in Scidb. Scidb's version is providing an unique feature, the support of variant Three-Check Chess .
  • Critter : Also a really strong engine, unfortunately not open source.
  • Sjeng : This engine - also pre-installed in Scidb - is supporting the chess variants Crazyhouse  and Antichess  (Suicide , Giveaway , Losers ).
  • Firenzina : Also a remarkable chess engine.
  • Other chess databases

    Scid  is probably the best known free chess database, originally developed by Shane Hudson. The today's version of Scid is rather buggy.

    Scid vs. PC , maintained by Steven Atkinson, is a bug-fixed version of Scid, with focus on greater usability.

    Gerhard Kalab's Scid on the Go  lets you use Scid for an Android tablet.

    ChessX , currently developed by Jens Nissen, provides a free chess database specialized on the PGN Format .

    No longer in development, but still of interest, is the Java application José .

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    Other useful links

    A quite useful page with links about chess history, rules, strategy and tactics, and more, is Car Games: Chess.