Graphic has a high priority in Scidb, in next release 45 board themes, and 39 piece sets will be available. On the following pages all the predefined board themes will be presented, and any user may give a vote to each theme.

The voting will be done inside the range of 1 to 5 kings with the following meaning:

  • Uninteresting, will never be my choice.

  • Relatively uninteresting, but not completety beyond my choice.

  • Undecidedly, could be sometimes an alternative.

  • An interesting alternative.

  • One of my clear favorites.

As soon as a vote is submitted the results of all voters will be displayed. A vote can be corrected subsequently.

Note: Without activation of Javascript voting is not possible.

Note: Do not forget 'Submit', this is also possible after page change.

Possibly the data of your own vote will be lost (because the cookies are not existing anymore), in this case it is also possible to see the results of all voters without voting again:

Note: Cookies will be used for storing the data of your own votes.