Welcome to Scidb

Scidb ("Scidb is a Chess Information Data Base") is a chess database application for Linux/Unix and Windows. Scidb is inspired by Scid ("Shane's Chess Information Database"), but it is a completely new development.

The principal features of this chess database application:

  • Support of various chess variants:
  • Support of Chess 960  and Shuffle Chess 
  • Support of various database and archive formats:
    Scidb: .sci, .scv
    Scid: .si3, .si4
    ChessBase: .cbh, .cbf (read-only)
    .cbv, .cbz (read-only, in preparation)
    C/CIF: .cif, .ccif
    PGN: .pgn, .pgn.gz, .zip
  • CQL based search functions (in development)
  • Player base with online update
  • Children chess support (input and storage of games with invalid moves)
  • PGN archives are modifiable (also compressed ones)
  • 39 different SVG/TrueType chess piece sets
  • User-configurable chess board themes (based on SVG) 45 are already pre-installed
  • PDF export (in preparation)
  • News

    The guest book, once deactivated by Sourceforge, is active again, so it is possible to enter comments.

    Inside the menu exists a new topic, namely Vote Themes. All board themes of Scidb can be voted now.

    Scidb still in progress

    Scidb is still active in development, although the repository has only a few bug fix updates since last 9 months. Currently complex overworks are in progress, and it will still take some time until the next major release will be done.

    For more precise information have a look at Scidb - Mailing List.

    To be informed perodically about Scidb you may subscribe the blog on Tumblr , but an user account is required.


    The fourth public preview version is released (see Download). This version contains many important bug-fixes, and also some novelties. Further on some important functionalities are missing for the first full version:

  • Flexible window layout (unfortunately very complicated)
  • Searching and filtering functionality: search of games, position search, etc. The search functionality will be based on CQL (Chess Query Language; see CQL Manual).
  • Multiple selections in game list
  • Support of Bughouse games
  • Support of variants (Crazyhouse, Antichess, Three-Check) in opening tree
  • Input of games with keyboard
  • With the implementation of this items the first full version will be released - possibly with the next version.

    Of course the Windows version is pending. This requires:

  • A (quite complex) library to emulate the missing functions fopencookie(), and open_memstream() under Windows.
  • Porting all system specific functionalities, so far completely implemented only under Unix - currently the porting is done partially under Windows.
  • Intensive testing because the GUI has a different behavior under Windows.
  • Currently volunteers for Mac OS X porting are wanted (see talkchess.com ).

    What's new in fourth version?
  • Installation problems with Ubuntu fixed (Ubuntu is quite unfriendly to self-installed software packages)
  • PGN archives now can be modified and saved (.pgn and .pgn.gz)
  • Important fixes in ChessBase decoder
  • Many fixes in support of chess engines
  • Color scheme for ordinary displays as default added, until now the color scheme was designed for high quality display
  • File selection dialog is finished, especially Drag & Drop
  • Merge dialog extended: now any number of games can be merged with the help of a preview display
  • PGN setup for export options now is a separate dialog; this is important for PGN export, which is available in different menues
  • Language dependent sorting implemented
  • New themes added: "Blackjack" and "Country Style" (thanks to Josť Carlos Martins)
  • Problem with slow down in game editor eliminated
  • Upgrade of engine Stockfish to version 4
  • Session management implemented: now Scidb will intervene if the user is doing a session shutdown while Scidb is writing/updating a database
  • Copy game to clipboard implemented
  • Export of current game implemented (for example to PGN file)
  • New option in tree window: show next game move with bold font
  • Comment editor overworked
  • Game editor now detects and displays Smileys (optional)
  • Help dialog: CQL help pages completed
  • freedesktop.org requirements implemented (only KDE, GNOME, and Xfce are fulfilling these requirements):
    • Desktop menu entry for Scidb will be installed
    • Opening databases with a file manager is possible
  • Custom menu check/radio-buttons implemented (as default)
  • Toolbar now has drop-down buttons