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Welcome to Scidb!

This is a preliminary version of Scidb for try-out and testing. The first full version will be released after a sufficiently long test period. Please consider when experimenting with Scidb:

  1. This version contains a lot of debugging information and is accordingly slow in several places.
  2. The current Scidb format (.sci) will be finished at latest with the first full version (i.e. it will reach version 1.0 later, the current version is 0.94). Nevertheless the current format is already fully usable, and there will be offered an upgrade capability.
  3. The support of the ChessBase format (.cbh) is not yet finished. Currently this application cannot open Chess 960 games.
  4. From time to time a newer test version will be released.

Have a lot of fun with Scidb, whose development has already taken five years!