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Development roadmap

Features for next releases

  • Download/upload/update/load databases via the internet
  • Supporting attachments of documents to a database. The main reason is that Chessbase databases have attached documents.
  • Search functions: search by header, position search, etc. based on CQL
  • Filter functions: game filter, player filter
  • Flexible window layout
  • Support of variant Bughouse
  • Support of variants in opening tree
  • Document generation:: LaTeX export
  • Windows support
  • Input of moves with keyboard
  • Board photo

Features for the far future

  • Duplicate detection
  • Player dictionary dialog
  • Document generation: PDF export and HTML export
  • Dialog for spell checking player names
  • Tip of the Day window
  • Generating opening reports
  • Usage of end-game tables
  • 3D chessboard

Volunteers wanted for...

  • More languages
  • More chess board themes
  • More help pages