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How to set the default browser

The default browser will be used for opening external links. There exists five possibilites to set the default browser:

  1. Scidb will open the link in the user's preferred application with the help of the program xdg-open, if installed.

  2. The value of the environment variable BROWSER wil be used at program start. Example:

    export BROWSER=/usr/bin/firefox/

  3. The link "x-www-browser" will be used. Under Ubuntu/Debian/Mint this link can be updated to the default browser with:

    sudo update-alternatives --config x-www-browser

  4. Scidb looks for an entry like "X11BROWSER=/usr/bin/firefox/" in file "~/.htmlviewrc"/.

  5. Use the first browser which can be found in the following list:
    iceweasel, firefox, google-chrome, opera, iexplorer, konqueror, epiphany, galeon, mosaic, amaya, browsex.

The first possiblity which is successfull wil determine the default browser. If none of these possiblities is successfull it isn't possible to start a browser and an error message will be shown.

note Terminal browsers will not be used with Scidb, this means you have to set a X brower (graphical browser).