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CQL - Percentage range specifiers

Some keywords are expecting percentage range specifications. A percentage range specification consists either of only one percentage value, which must start with an comparative operator, or with two percentage values, separated by whitespace (and without comparative operators).

If a percentage range specification consists of only one value, this value is denoting the range, otherwise both values will specify the range, with a lower and an upper bound.

The percentage value is a positive integer between zero and 100 (inclusive). This value must be suffixed with a percentage symboi.

These are the permissible comparative operators:

> More than
>= At least
< Less than
<= At most


The following examples are percentage ranges for counting connected pawns on the board.


More than 70% of all pawns on the board are connected.


At least 20% of all pawns are connected.

30% 70%

Between 30 and 70% (both boundaries are inclusive) of all pawns on the board are connected.