Additional Widget Option '-spacemode'

Command-Line Name: -spacemode
Database Name: spaceMode
Database Class: SpaceMode

Specifies the mode how spaces (U+0020) will be displayed. Default is none, this means that spaces will be displayed like any character, but when breaking lines at a space this space will be gobbled, if option -wrap is set to word or codepoint (this is the common behavior of text editors). When setting to exact, no space character will be gobbled at all, even when breaking lines. Mode trim may be used for trimming consecutive space characters, but a single space will never be trimmed, instead it will be gobbled when a line break happens at this space (if option -wrap is set to word or codepoint). Normally the latter mode will not be used in conjunction with state normal (see option -state).

Note that a tag option -spacemode cannot be provided, the cursor handling would not work properly.

Below a simple example demonstrating the space modes:

none exact trim

This is the source of our example: