Additional Helper Command 'tk_textRebindMouseWheel'


tk_textRebindMouseWheel - rebind the mouse wheel events of embedded windows.


tk_textRebindMouseWheel pathName ?pathName ...?


This procedure is rebinding the mouse wheel events of embedded windows to the container (the text widget).

This procedure provides a portable way to "restore" the mouse wheel behavior when embedded windows are involved. Per default each window is the receiver for mouse wheel events, but this might not be wanted with embedded windows, because scrolling the text content will break if the mouse cursor is hovering an embedded window. With the use of this procedure the mouse wheel events of all/some embedded windows will be redirected to the text widget.

The first argument pathName should be the receiver of the mouse wheel events (the text widget).

If no further argument is specified, then the mouse wheel event of all embedded windows will be rebound, so that the text widget will receive and handle this event.

If additionally a second, or more, argument is specified, then only the mouse wheel events of these embedded windows will be rebound.

This is a quite important convenience function, because the user might not be interested in the internal handlings. In old implementing a work-around was needed, which required to copy&paste the mouse wheel handling from Tk sources.