Additional Justification Mode 'full'

Command-Line Name: -justify
Database Name: justify
Database Class: Justify

Setting the style how lines will be justified. This style will be used for the whole text, even for wrapped lines, but tags may override this style for individual lines. The following styles are possible:


The text is aligned along the left margin. This is the default.


The text is aligned along the right margin.


The text is aligned along the left margin, and word-spacing is adjusted so that the text flush with both margins.


The text is aligned to neither the left nor the right margin, there is an even gap on each side of each line.

Setting a global justification style is missing in original implementation, and I've added the new style "full" (full justification), which fits perfectly with the hyphenation support. This is also forcing an extension to the tag attribute -justify:

-justify justify

If the first non-elided character of a display line has a tag for which this option has been specified, then justify determines how to justify the line. It must be one of left, right, full, or center. If a line wraps, then the justification for each line on the display is determined by the first non-elided character of that display line.

For an example see Support of Hyphenation.