Additional Option '-tags' for Embedded Image/Window

-tags tagList

Specifies a set of tags to apply to the embedded image. TagList consists of a list of tag names, which replace any existing tags for the embedded image. TagList may be an empty list. Note that it is not possible to add or remove the special selection tag sel, it will be left untouched with this option.

When inserting/replacing text it is possible to specify the associated tags with this operation, example:

.t insert current "This is an example text." {tag1 tag2}

When inserting an embedded image this is not possible, an additional command has to be used:

.t image create current -image MyImage
.t tag add current-1i {tag1 tag2}

For convenience the option -tags has been added, example usage:

.t image create current -image MyImage -tags {tag1 tag2}

This additional option has the advantage that it is more obvious that tags can be associated with images.

For symmetry reasons this option has also been added to the support of embedded windows.