Bugs in Context Drawing Support

In repository version a30109a3 (I hope this is the right hex number; see NB below) a new bug in context drawing supprt has been introduced; due to my tests this "fix" fails. The author tried to fix some oddities when compiling with context drawing support, but deeper analysis is required for the detection of these oddities:

  1. In function AdjustForTab it has been forgotten to take the context drawing support into account.

  2. The handling of chunks ending with a space is not properly implemented when context drawing support is used.

In revised version these problems are hopefully eliminated. I've tested with an emulation of context drawing – I do not have a Mac – and real tests on a Mac are still needed.

NB: Git is not providing revision/branch numbers, but any other RCS (like Subversion, Bazaar, et al) is proofing (they are properly working) that the existence of a central repository allows the generation of revision numbers. The Tk library has a central repository, so the choice of Git is obviously inappropriate.

I must do a correction: it's Fossil, not Git. But the same ailment, no revision numbers, only these stupid hex codes.